New Travel Blogger in the world! 

Hello Friends,

I get alot of questions about my Travels around the world. So, I started this Travel blog just to share some of my many Adventures and Travel Tips, Tricks abd Photography along the way. I have about zero skills and talent as a Travel Blogger but I’m sure I will get better within time. Since I’m an avid photographer I will also be creating my Travel Portfolio so stay tuned for that.

About Me: I was born and raised in San Angelo Texas. (Very small town) From a young age my loving parents made it a point to get us up and out of this small town of about 100,000 and take us on family vacations. It was then that my heart fell in love with diversity of the world. By just taking a simple trip down to San Antonio or Dallas we were able to experience new cultures, meet new friends and try new food. (Of course that’s why I’m an avid #foodie). But, that wasn’t the start of my fabulous lifestyle. Being average and broke, I couldn’t just up and take off weeks at a time on luxurious vacations.  I had to work my steady 8 to 5 jobs for several years to raise my three children. My husband and I did however manage to escape reality and take the kiddos on a vacation atleast once a year. To keep us in the diverse scene and at the same time showing the kids that there is SOOO MUCH more out there than what was in our small little town. This past year Two of our kiddos graduated and moved out and BAM it was time for us to take that Travel Leap! Taking one kid is so much cheaper than taking 3! Haha So, these are the excursions that stem from our Time Freedom! (Yes, we still bring the older kids along sometimes). 🙂


My Adventurous Family

Just so Thankful to God for Blessing us with such an Awesome Vacation Club. 

For more information on my AMAZING Travel Club please visit,

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