Beware of Miami scammers

When we were staying at Fountaine Bleu we received a phone call around 8:30pm. The person described himself as the resort manager and sounded very flustered. He asked me how I was doing? I said “Great!” and asked him how he was? He said “well I’m so ready to get out of here.” He said that the hotel had a power surge and all of our check in information and deposit was deleted. So all he needed was my credit card information to redo the hotel deposit for incidentals. He said,”I was welcome to come downstairs but he had a line of about 20 people in front of him.” I explained to him that I do not give my credit card information over the phone and that I would be down in a few minutes. He said “ok, well that is fine but it can save you some wait time.” I then repeated myself. He Thanked me and said “ok no problem”. At this time my husband was coming up the elevator with some food he went out to get. I asked him if there were lots of people at the check-in desk? He said “no, no one’s out there.” So I personally went downstairs and let management know. They were unaware of any phone calls. 

So this could literally happen to anyone. Some of us while on vacation are more vulnerable because some people are new to Resorts and don’t know what to expect. Just BEWARE and NEVER give your credit card info to anyone without verifying!! 

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