Freemont Street experience Las Vegas, Nevada.

While we were in Las Vegas we took advantage of Vegas Activites!! First we had to walk the infamous Freemont St. During the day and Yes, we found Mr. Winky! (He didn’t smell so good though) 😟Maybe desert heat but he was rather musty! Of course for those New to Vegas, getting photos with the street performers is about $5/person. For a group they don’t really give deals or discounts. Lol

It was pretty cool to walk around and see all the street performers dressed in their costumes. There were all different kinds. From the big boobed show girls to the big bellied naked grandpas! All dressed in some crazy costumes usually consisting of thongs and bunny ears or show attire or of course Mr. Winky with his winky suit. 

Heart attack Grill was closed so no review but maybe in the future!

The highlight of Freemont was finding the low cost McDonalds on the corner of The D casino and Slotszilla!! Freemont was also the cheapest place to buy Las Vegas goodies so we shopped our hearts off with the ABC stores right on the old strip.  The old strip is supposedly cool to hang out during the day but super crazy and naughty at night. (So if your into that kind of thing then this blog doesn’t have to night review). I can tell you if you have to go to the restroom there are no public restrooms on the old strip, you have to run into the D casino to use the restroom. All the way in the back!

 We did locate Slotzilla!! Yes, after seeing Mr. Winky I’d be scared too by the name Slotzilla!! Haha It is the Zipline that runs right across Freemont street and was Sooo Much Fun!! It was about $40/person and you got to pick your own time to get on the ride. It was a lie on your stomach zipline and very safe for the squimish. The ride does offer you a go pro strapped helmet to catch your own reaction to the ride. It would have been nice to be able to catch all angles of the zipline. Towards the end of the line my son got stuck a few feet from the exit. So yes that was a bit scary but the rest of the ride was fun! They just had a guy climb out in the line and bring him back in. The ride was short but fun and worth the $40! After the ride you can choose your photos or get a CD of pics. 

From the old strip we ate dinner at Hard Rock Cafe which was in a Great location. Parking is FREE at the Hardrock Cafe. We used that to our advantage as we walked some of the Strip.

Hard Rock Cafe was a little pricey for their portions but we’re in Vegas so thats expected. They don’t know what sweet tea is and they look at you strange when you ask for it. (Not in Texas anymore) The meal took forever but when it finally arrived it was good because we were starving. I have actually been twice to the Hardrock Cafe and each time they are supposed to have a live band but each time there were no live bands. Maybe because I went during the day and stayed at the casinos all night long! Overall Its in a Prime location.

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