Casino Fun at Ceasar’s Palace Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ceasar’s Palace is MY Favorite place in Las Vegas. They are the only Casino with $5 minimum craps tables. Everywhere else its $10/minimum on a table. I’m not rich so I love the chance to be able to stay in a Luxurious Casino Resort but also get to stay in the gambling game with mininal income going out.
Plus staying at Ceasars increases your chances of celebrity sightings due to the shows. Celine Dion was showing when we were at Ceasers. Didn’t get to see her because I was a little occupied on the Craps Table.

 Ready to hit the Slots and Gaming Tables.

Food Court is nice and spacious. It is open certain hours but I’m not tok sure if hours of operation. Prices are a bit pricey but convenient if you’re a True Blue gambler like myself. I think I paid $14 for a slice of pizza and a coke. Then I got tacos the next day for about $15 for the meal. (2 tacos and a drink). Not great portion sizes but filling. Back home I can have a whole 2 pizzas for under $14! But again convenient. There are restrooms in all over Ceasar’s so restroom breaks are ample. Slots are decent prices. They have a variety of low slots.

The entrance to the Forum shops (mall) is grand and very nice. There are many High end stores such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, name brand it’s there. Some, Too expensive for my taste but they are there and the sales people are so ready to help. We actually made a quick joke of sending my husband into the stores in his plaid “I’m in Vegas dont care how I look shorts”. We laughed Soo hard when the sales people just snarked, and followed him around as if he were going to steal something. We got quite a laugh out of that game. Then we headed back out to the Casino to gamble some more. It was then I found the glowing in the corner angelic “aaaaaaaaaalleleuah”, insert angel chorus here) Craps Electronic game table. From that point on I was glued to that game. Winning, losing, winning then finally losing. I don’t think we even left the casino until the next morning! In Vegas, Time doesn’t matter! You basically make your own time up since it’s the city that never sleeps. I know the true meaning why. CRAPS ELECTRONIC GAME I Love You!!

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