“VolunTouring” Kendall County Boys and Girls Club Miami Florida.

With our “Heart to Serve” we spent a very fun and exciting day with the Kendall County Boys and Girls Club in Miami. Was one of the Best days of my life!! For those questioning,Voluntours?? “Voluntours” are Mission trips offered through my Awesome Travel Club, Worldventures to help give back to local communities. Worldventures Voluntours caught the eye of the “One and Only” OPRAH and were featured in the “O Magazine” for building bottle schools and purification efforts around the world. We also partnered with Nancy Lieberman to build DreamCourts in rural cities for a safe zone for kids to be able to play basketball without dangers. Yes, Voluntours Are AMAZING!! 

Back to Kendall County, so we took a bus ride from our resort to Kendall County Boys and Girls club. When we arrived we were told to bounce around and pick any sport or activity we wanted to assist in. Of course being a hot, muggy, rainy day in Miami, everyone headed right inside to the A/C. We (The fam bam) chose to stay outside with the kickball kiddos since there were eagerly waiting for us to play. They wanted to beat us soo bad!! Kids Vs Adults Mode On! We were their competition for the day. It was Awesome seeing how excited they were at tagging us out and quite comical as the adults ran like they were in the Major leagues.

They sure did beat us though!! (Notice the muddy tired player in the back, walking to the base) Yeah, that’s me! It’s only been about 20 years since I’ve played kickball. You never forget the game but your body forgets how the heck you managed to run all those bases as a kid without being out of breath! 

This was the moment my daughter Gypsie had her heart filled with Love and Compassion and a hint of embarrassment since mom was doing the Wobble on the gym floor and dad was playing Dodge ball! It was so Amazing for her to see us out and in action. She had to sit down and take a moment for a quick breather. A gym full of elementary to Jr high age kids gets pretty rowdy and crazy!

After the energy draining running of the bases, dodgeball and dancing we headed straight inside to the A/C for a few art projects. We learned how to make flowers and drew pictures of our pets. It was here I truly understood the reason I were there. The kids were so excited to talk and talk and talk. Almost in our faces the entire time about their families, siblings, houses, video games, friends. They wanted to tell us what they ate for breakfast and what their plans were for the entire day. They just needed someone that would listen. (For privacy reason I will not name our new little friends) One asked if I could move to Florida, One asked about my family, One asked where I came from, One wanted to know what time lunch was, One wanted to tell me all about his mother and father. One wanted to make sure her mother got to keep the roses. (Because the staff never allowed them to take projects home). One stayed looking at his blank piece of white paper clueless. Before I sat down the staff gave ys the project of drawing a picture of our pet. This little guy didn’t know what a pet looked like. He asked what can I draw since I’ve never had a pet. I said, Draw any kind of pet you would like.” He sat there clueless for a few more minutes. I could tell he was looking around at other papers, still deciding what to draw. It was then I knew my purpose. I asked him to draw what he thought a pet would like. He scribbled a few lines then he gave up and said how horrible his drawing was. I reassured him that his drawing was Amazing. He looked up and went back to drawing, erased, then drew again, erased, drew again. He was definitely having a hard time. So I stopped what I was doing and asked If I could help him. I asked him to describe to me what he thought a pet would be? We ended up with a dinosaur/dog looking pet. Then I told him to put his name on the top of his paper. I then made him an honorary owner of his dinosaur/dog pet! The look in his eyes made me want to cry like a baby when he smiled with his accomplished smile, but I was able to maintain composure when he then just ran along and moved right into lunch with his friends without a care in the world. So, I can say a little piece of my heart was literally left right there on that art table. Mission accomplished!

Iguanas, Iguanas, Iguanas Everywhere!! (Ok so maybe 3 of them). We saw these little guys on our way out. The blended so well into the grass that we almost stepped on one. Being from Texas we usually have to watch our step in summer with scorpions and snakes, NEVER Iguana tails!! So it was a first for us.

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