Family Fun in Anchorage Alaska Market

So as many of you know, I am not an outdoorsy person. (Only in the Tropics) But the husband wanted to try something different this time!! Next thing you know we were in Anchorage Alaska!! Hahaha Little did I know this would be a very memorable Vacation!

We Absolutely Loved the weather it was about 75 degrees the entire time. I was estatic as I’m not a cold loving person.

We rented a jeep just in case we ran into any wildlife and headed on our way from Ted Stephens International airport to Anchorage Alaska.

*HUGE TIP* When heading to Alaska the flight times are all outta whack. We basically flew all day from Abilene at 5am to Dallas then Seattle Washington to Anchorage. We hopped about 4 planes just to get there and when we arrived it was about 3am Alaska time. Literally ALLDAY!! Mainly because the flights from Seattle to Alaska are Always booked! The husband and son actually got stuck overnite in the Seattle airport. So just us girls were able to get to Anchorage. Thank God 3am in Alaska is still a bit like dusk.

We didn’t know absolutely anything about where we were going nor if we even had cellphone service. But we loaded up the jeep and headed out of the airport.  It wasn’t too bad. We found our resort and had a Great time from that point on. The hotel staff scared us a bit by telling us to becareful in Walmart because they have men that follow you around especially non locals. So we put on our ass kicking shoes and went to Walmart to grab some necessities.

Downtown Anchorage

Walmart Anchorage

The kids loved that Anchorage was more of a city feel and had a McDonalds. Once the guys made it in we visited a few markets of course to eat! We tried salmon quesadillas, Scottish balls and reindeer hotdogs and cheese curds. All food choices we definitely wouldn’t find back home. They even had my favorite Philipino lunpias. So we had a blast at the Alaskan markets.

Kids fun zone

Salmon Quesadillas were Amazing!!

Reindeer Hot Dogs

Irish Balls were a little different when you first look at them but they do taste Fantastic!

Yummmo!! The food was Amazing!! #foodienation

Next adventure was to head the Anchorage Mall and get familiar with our Surroundings. After our shopping excursions we had to go the the Legendary Mooses Tooth  Pub and Pizza 3300 Old Seward Highway. The pizza was very very good and they brewed their very own beer so the hubs and I were super happy!! Beer tasted dark but strong and only took a few to get tipsy off of.

Our time was really off since we had been flying all day and everyone just decided to get back to the resort to sleep! Alaska is never dark so its daylight all day! It was a little wierd because my body said it was daytime and didn’t want to sleep. The rooms were very cozy and dark to keep out the daylight. But my internal system said “nope suns out your up!! Kids didn’t have a problem at all.

When we woke up it was time for our Glacier Cruise in Whittier Alaska which was a bit of a drive in Seward Hwy through the Anton Anderson Tunnel and up into the mountains. Now the Anton Anderson Tunnel was a bit scary as I’m claustrophobic. I wasn’t sure how I would react to being in a tunnel for that long. (Only other mountain tunnel I went thru before was the H3 tunnel in Honolulu and I almost passed out driving) When arriving at the tunnel they only open at certain times and its a single tunnel that alternates cars and trains. Yes it’s just as scary as it sounds! We made it and it wasn’t so bad! Wasn’t too bad as they had emergency exits everywhere.

Whittier was a very very small blink and you’ll miss town. It had a lot of charm and a handful of residents to run their shops. They had a coffee shop and souveniers that basically kept their little town alive. We sat and had some hot cocoa while watching the local fishermen catch and weigh their catch for the day. Pretty neat seeing this way of living. Very different from our little dry Texas town. Temperature definitley dropped when we went up into Whittier so we had to stop and buy jackets at a convenience store. Because we were those Crazy Texas people freezing up in the mountains.I guess the cold made the kids hyper.So we stopped in for some hot chocolate until our Cruise time. After hot chocolate they were Ready to go Cruising!!The Glacier Cruise took us all around all 26 Glaciers of Prince William Sound we were able to see wildlife and the glaciers were Amazing!!! Such Spectacular beauty in Alaska!! The water changed right before our eyes into such a beautiful green then a dark freezing color blue. Stunning and Breathtaking!The crew was Amazing!! And of Course Gypsie was made an honorary Forest Ranger and was able to help pick up a Glacier from the ocean that turned it into a Nice Margarita for mama!!

Lunch was Alaskan Cod, chips and a drinj all included in the cost of the Glacier Cruise.

Of course we needed like 2 baskets which were allowed! #shoutoutfoodies

Melted Icebergs

A shipwreck on Prince William Sound. Whittier Was Absolutely Amazing!!

*Definitely Recommend to take the 26 Glacier Cruise in Whittier Alaska!!*


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