Christmas In the Park Six Flags Arlington

Just a quick review on Six Flags Season passes!! We paid $25/month to get our family of 4, Season passes that gives us free access to all Six Flags parks from the end of 2016 to end of 2017. Plus Gold Memberships including free parking and discounts on shopping in park.  As you can tell we parked right on the 1st row. Great visit as this month was Holiday in the Park. Park is lit up like a Christmas Wonderland! Including Santa Themed Shows, Christmas songs and hot chocolate with Peeps all over the park. We had a Fantastic Time and even rode down Snow Hill! Thanks Six Flags for the Funfilled Experience!!

We arrived at the park about 12pm. We were able to find good parking right in the front row. There were crowds as usual but not too crazy getting in nor out. Texas weather cut our Christmas in the park mini vacation over rather quickly. When we arrived the temperature was about 60 degrees and when we left about 2 hours after we arrived it was 40 degrees. Too cold for our comfort. One thing I was a little frustrated with is that all over the park were advertisements for hot chocolate with peeps. But everywhere we tried to get hot chocolate there wasn’t any available.

Hanging out with Sylvester the Cat.


The park was decorated in Christmas décor and did have a very festive feel.

Sliding down the Infamous Snow Hill  ( I thought it would be bigger, but It worked)

You can ride solo or double riders

Colorful Americana Photo Op

Santa and Christmas in the Park

Riding the Six Flags Train to get to the other side of the Park.

Free Parking on Row 1 Thanks to our Season passes. (Quick advice when parking in front rows only one way in and out.  Use same way to get out as you did to get in)

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