Arrival and Check-In at Marival Luxury Resorts and Suites

LOVE LOVE LOVE Marival Resort & Suites in Nuevo Vallarta!! I had never been to a 4 diamond resort until now!! And it definitely lived up to it’s reputation. It was such an Amazing, relaxing and peaceful resort. Even with the amount of tourists visiting we always had plenty of space to ourselves. No lines nor overly crowded locations.

Marival Entrance and Security Gate

The resort was about 15 miles from Puerto Vallarta by shuttle. The shuttle drives past a security gate and drops you off at either entrance. There is a main lobby entrance and a side entrance. You can check in at either location.  Once you step off the shuttle concierge takes your luggage and holds it for you while you check in. Which I thought was very, very convenient.  We arrived a little before check in time. Which is usually 3pm. The resort checked us in and gave us resort bracelets and told us to mingle the property and offered us mojito right away! We were even allowed to grab lunch before checking in. Families with small children are also given the option to use strollers.  I’m really not sure if these are for a rental price or included in the “all inclusive deal”.

(I didn’t have a small child so I didn’t use this service. But it’s available)

Child Cars available for rental

Pictured is a second lobby allowing you to check-in as well as the front of resort.

When we arrived we were too early for check in as we were to check in at 3pm and we arrived at 12pm. The resort took our luggage curbside so we didn’t have to tow them around with us as we usually do in other resorts. Once we checked in we were allowed to visit Casa Bella, one of the restaurants with no reservations needed. It offers full buffet and has indoor seating as well as outdoor seating. Usually they have different menu themes for different days. Such as Texas Tuesday, Italian night, etc.

They offer a wide buffet selection of food choices even have gluten free options.  I tried a few of the gluten free and to me “those really had no flavor” but I’m sure others might have a different taste pallet.  I did order tea and they can make either cold or hot teas with any flavor you want. Such as coconut or Jasmine to enhance flavor. If you’re finicky on the water. Their water is purified and is really nice clean and refreshing. Especially after a long hard day of travel.

“Delicioso!” Pictured are a few options of vegetables and meats offered on our first visit to Casa Bella.

Ahhhhhh!! The desserts! A sweet heaven!! They have anything and everything to choose from and the Best part it’s unlimited!! So you can go into sugar coma everyday if you want to!! All desserts take up a back wall of Casa Bella and are plentiful. No fighting nor pushing for the last piece of chocolate cake or flan. They replace the dessert table as soon as you take your choice.

Dress code is simple and basic.  Anything goes here. We had people coming in straight from the pool and some straight off the plane.

After our lunch we went back to curbside valet to recover our luggage and had the bellboy show us to our rooms with a little tour of the resort along the way. He spoke excellent English so no language barrier. We were in awe of the property. So Lavish and Fun! We couldn’t wait to get our luggage into the room so we could run about like kids in a candy store.

Please check out my second blog post on the Suites. They were absolutely Amazing!!

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