Arrival into Puerto Vallarta PVR Mexico Airport

Wow!! First I have to say that I am So Glad we stayed in Nuevo Vallarta rather than Puerto Vallarta. Only because “in my opinion” Nuevo Vallarta is much newer and seems to be a little more rurally located from Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta was a little congested.

Morning flight out of Dallas DFW to Puerto Vallarta Mexico PVR. Flight was about a 3 hour flight in First Class Cabin. Breakfast was Amazing!

I personally opted for the eggs, biscuits and gravy served with fruit and some orange juice for some vitamin C! I also got a multigrain croissant that came out a little after service of breakfast.

The hubby took advantage of some early morning alcoholic beverages like a good stout Crown and Coke. I do have to confess,  I did have a morning Mimosa with my orange juice. Envoy was definitely not stingy on the alcoholic drinks. The flight was an easy 3 hour flight with music and great movies.

When we arrived at the gate. It was a quiet little airport. A little scary at first as the airport staff was signaling everyone to go in a certain direction and their were officers and drug dogs smelling your bags and carry on. The dogs are on leashes but not something common in Texas for sure. The canine officers were very polite and spoke English but there were some officers in full uniform that were rather intimidating as they did just stare and never smiled.  We made it to the last security and customs check point and were “pre-warned”, to keep walking past “the gauntlet” of Timeshare reps. DON’T STOP or give eye contact or BAM you get suckered in for many time wasting hours of Timeshare mumbo jumbo. Not worth a full vacation wasted just for a few freebies! As we were walking through ” the gauntlet”, we had timeshare reps touch us, grab our bags, stop right in front of us as we walked. Calling us out by what they could see as far as decals on hat’s and shirts. “Hey Nike Man”, “Senora, Senora” They spoke in English and Spanish. They all tried to get your attention. Even the transportation reps for the rental car agencies or taxi cabs did this all the way to the curb. Sort of made you feel like a celebrity with paparazzi. I don’t know how they do it! Finally outside the doors we could take a breather. It wasn’t any better.  Now the taxis and cabbies are trying to get us into their cars. There’s tourist everywhere, most are lost and don’t know where to go or what to do. Some are sitting at the Corona bar right outside the doors just because they needed a beer. Total confusion!! We had already booked our transportation through our Dreamtrips Travel Club so our airport pickup was waiting for us at the designated pick up location. They had blue Dreamtrips shirts so we’re easy to spot. Thank God!! I really felt sorry for those arriving with no pre-arranged transportation. So we made it safely onto the Transport bus with other Dreamtrippers and onto our Mexican Vacation!

Traffic outside the airport exit doors.

Taxi for Marival Luxury Resorts

For information on our VIP Travel Club please go to

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