Marival Luxury Resorts & Suites room overview.

For those who have never stayed at a 4 Diamond Resort here’s an overlook of the Amazing resort property. When we arrived we were upgraded from a 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom 3 bath oceanview suite. Which was NICE!! And completely unexpected! So that just started out vacation off right from the get go.

We had valet hold and carry our luggage to our room. We felt bad that he had to walk us all the way across the property to our ocean view room, so we took our luggage from the bottom to 3 flights of stairs up to the room. I didn’t notice elevators so I am unsure of any wheel chair or disability accommodations offered by the resort.

Quick Tip: Always bring cash to the resort as the staff makes their living off the tips they receive. I read in a prior blog that $2 bills are a rare occurrence and service seems to be “Better” when you give these bills out. I made sure to get $100 in $2 bills and I personally handed these out and had exceptional service. I don’t know if it was the $2 bills or if they were just happy to get some sort of tip. (As I noticed not many people tip)

This was our view from our 2nd story patio outside of the master bedroom.

The door into the suite was wooden and smelled of fresh wood. No, I didn’t sniff the door! Its a woodsy smell when your walking up the stairs to the suites.

Front and Only Entrance into the Suite. In this photo you will see the staircase leading up to the master bedroom.

Living area and kitchen view

View from entrance to the patio from our living room

Front restroom and walk in glass shower.

Kitchen and dining area

Second bedroom closest to the door. Housekeeping was amazing as our bed was fixed multiple times a day. When we arrived back into the room in the evening we had fresh Mexico candy placed on the corner ends of our beds.

Upstairs Master bedroom that our daughter took over. She loved it because she was alone upstairs and had her own shower and closet and patio.

Shower and closet were located in the far left corner of the staircase in this photo.

Outside view from our living room patio. We were overlooking the Beach Club Access Bar. We thought it was going to be noisy since people can get wild and crazy at times. But we didn’t hear anything at all. Only the beach and waves crashing.

Staircase leading out of the suite back to the resort grounds.

Third bedroom that was never used. Resort Layout worked Great for our family. Having the third room made me wish I had brought others along with us! I just felt that it was unused space.

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