Puerto Vallarta Adventures

This Company is the Bomb!!!! Literally! Right before we left on Vacation I had my first bout with muscle spasms. After I had already booked this excursion and couldn’t cancel this crew was AMAZING at helping me get through this zipline adventure with no worries. (Well the slide was scary but we’ll get to that).

The excursion starts off with a speed boat ride out to an island. Don’t exactly know the name but I think it’s the Las Caletas. Once docked we took a small walk thru a little Mexican town getting to the point where we were picked up by a bright yellow jeep. These are pretty cool jeeps as they are Huge!! We take this jeep a little ways on a small diet road through the jungle. To me it seemed like we made our way through small Mexican neighborhoods. This was neat since we were able to see life in Mexico in real time. Once we reached our drop off point we came to a donkey farm. We were all loaded onto a mule of their choosing. Mine was named Chicago! Why did they give me Chicaron? Because prior they had asked about my back condition. So they were treating me as a special case. Chicaron was an older slower mule so he and I became great friends through the ride. I had to trust Chicaron in some if those mountain edges. Some really scared the crap out of Me! Being that my life is in the hands or “hoofs” of an experienced mule! He did great!! I think he freaked out on the first ledge and from then he just stayed closer to the mountain Instead. Which was Fantastic to me!! We rode our mules a good 15 minutes then arrived to our ziplining destinations. From there we took zipline and propelled down the mountain. The course had a little of everything and wasn’t that bad being that it’s HOT in Mexico. There was plenty of shade and water was at several stops to keep us hydrated. I would definitely say that this is an adrenaline filled excursion and it seemed like it was created for those fit and athletic. Me, being pretty short and chunky I made it through just fine. (With the crews help of course) There was one time I was dropped with a safety rope of course into a eater hole. The water was freezing! And the drop was fun. But the straight ladder up to the top. (Not so fun) when your playing against gravity, wet and slipper with oversized wet ziplining gloves.. just didn’t work so well. The crew almost had to go to option “lets hoist her up”. Haha but luckily I just three off the gloves and made my way up slowly. Water hole didn’t win this time!! Next up the waterslides. Most people would love this part! But for a claustrophobic middle aged woman. This was a bit scary! The slides were FAST!! I closed my eyes most of the time but on this one green slide I made it to the bottom as quick as I could blink!

We went down a few more ziplines. Some of our group tried the upside down ziplining, we did the partner surfing ziplining. There’s no opting out so you basically have to do all ziplines to get down the mountain. Then we got to the finale slide. It was the highest slide in Mexico and about half way closed and the other way curvy into the jungle. Yes, I was scared! Tgere was a point where the slide had a tunnel and a bump at the same time if you were going fast it literally flipped you into your stomach. Yes I thought I died at that point! Then realized I was now sliding on my stomach through the jungle. I quickly turned back onto my back and enjoyed the views. You do end up at the end of the slide where the rest of the group is waiting for you as they are enjoying water and fresh fruit until everyone runs the course.

Besides the near death feelings thus was one of My Most AMAZING excursions!!! I would take it again even with my anxiety! The Crew was Amazing!! They all spoke English and very well they were Super funny and always making jokes.

After the slides we then go to another area where we can choose to do archery and eat fresh quesadillas while we wait on photos.

*Photos. As an avid photographer this part was not so fun. They do not let you take any recording devices nor cell phones on the entire excursion. Why? They sell you photos after. $200 for a CD of your photos plus extras. They do try and upsell you on tin prints etc. We didn’t really like our photos as they do carch you at your scariest moments. But some were good and especially if your doing a blog you want photos . The ones captured in this blog were the only ones allowed and it was not during the excursion but at the points getting to excursion. Once you get to mule and zipline point they take all belongings and bag them up. The belongings do follow you the entire excursion but you don’t have access to them. Not even the sneaky sunglasses. Haha I thought about those too. They take everything!! And they even make you wear their shirts for the excursion. (Can see our attire in the pics)

Entrance of Puerto Vallarta Adventures office
Iguanas are in habitat near the boating docks
Our hike from boats to the jeeps
Fish we saw on the way back on the boat
Jeeps with Logos
Small Mexico villages we pass on the excursion
Archery while we eat and finish the tour
Mexico receipt
Fresh quesadilla, hot sauce and banana.

Jeep ride up to Mule farm
Local village we hiked past to get to jeeps
Boating docks
Boat tour guide
Small village we hiked through
Outside of jeep

Puerto Vallarta Adventures tour

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