Jamaica in New Orleans Louisiana

New Orleans also know as NOLA for it’s infamous Cajun and Lively Jazz. Was an Amazing place to see and I’ll definitely be visiting  again. When we landed the airport was super quiet and most of the stores that occupy the airport were closed for the night. So we must have been the last flight of the night and we arrived about 10:30pm. We met a nice friend on the plane that gave us suggestions for “The Best Cuisine and Activities”.  Thanks Shadow Angelina.

Transportation was plenty even though we arrived late. There’s a transportation center right across the exit and a designated uber zone. Which was pretty cool. We’ve been to many airports and have never come across an Uber Zone. The uber parks and you just go to it. Which helps since all Ubers have license numbers on the back of the vehicles. It took about 15 minutes to get to Business District as we stayed at Rennisaunce Pete Marquette. Cost about $33.45 pre rate each way.

We checked in left our luggage and we were off down Canal street. Which is about 4 blocks from the Hotel.  Was raining a bit but not too much to stop our eating venture. Came across a Willie’s Chicken. Was some really good chicken tenders and fries were Amazing but price was outrageous.

Was Great good but not for that price!!

Quick Mart: If you need a quick stop store like I did for some deodorant. (Since mine melted) There is a CVS and Walgreens on Canal. There are shops and a few restaurants also on Canal and you can follow Canal all the way to Harrahs. We found our way many times down Canal.

There are many street beggars at night and some will jump out and startle you. I noticed there are more homeless at night on Canal than during the day.

Hotel: We stayed at the Rennisaunce Pere Marquette on Commons. Super Nice 4 star Hotel. Felt really nice and had a Great atmosphere. Staff was all very very friendly.  Green Friendly Hotel.

The Pere Marquette is connected to the Oyster Bar and Beignets. We shared many laughs with Danny (bartender) and Zach (food manager) at the Oyster Bar. Happy Hour is from 3 to 6 and you can literally get a 2 for 1.

We definitely made it worth it!! Try the Blueberry Tap IT’S AMAZING!!

Hitting up Harrah’ s Casino. We decided to go about 11am and try our hand at gambling. I spent and lost fast. So we decided to eat burgers since we were in the casino. Pedicabs are easily accessible if you have way to many drinks. Watch for price gougers. One pedi wanted to charge $30 to get back about 7 blocks for what is like a $15 ride. We paid $15 when another Pedi intercepted. We could have walked but with the homeless out and drinking at that time was not a great combination. Better safe than sorry.

French Quarter:

French Quarter is about 4 to 8 blocks from Canal. We got lost all day in the French Quarter and French Market including Jackson Square. Tons of FUN!! We had street entertainers, music all around, local artists, shops, bars, market center trinkets and Oysters were a plenty. We had do much Fun and could have been there for days.

This was a wedding proposal and dance in the rain. I really wanted to go iut there and street dance but it was sort of cold out there!! Kudos to the dancers and the brides to be! What an Amazing moment to witness.

French Quarter you can literally walk for miles and miles then drink, eat, drink and drink again. We had so much fun here.

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