Abilene Swan Shenanigans

My family decided to head out to the zoo on a bright sunny “nothing to do day”. We’ve been to the zoo about a zillion times but remembered the zoo put in a new swan boat ramp. We decided to give it a try as it was something to do that we haven’t done before. You cannot go into the swan boats without a zoo entry. Ages 3 and older can ride the boats. They do allow cellphones on the paddle boats. And my suggestion would be to go on a cool or cloudy day. Sun was beating down right on us.

Everyone had to put on a life jacket for safety of course. The ride itself was about $4 per person. You do have to sign a waiver before you board. And what seems like an eternity of time actually ends up being about 20 minutes most. It’s hot and you are pretty much burned out from paddling. You can go anywhere around the lake within distance from the dock. Staff was super friendly and helpful when maneuvering back into the dock. Overall was a great activity. The view is spectacular with a sense of calmness all around.

After we got sunburnt we decided to make the best of our trip and see the zoo for the zillion and one’th time.( yes I over exaggerate, is one’th even a word?) My granddaughter loved the monkey exhibit as the money was very entertaining and actually put on quite a show for spectators.

Giraffe feeding is the highlight of the Abilene Zoo. Costing $5 for a bushel of lettuce with tons of rules. Such as feed the smaller giraffes under the rail, larger giraffes over the railing. When you have a small 2 year old kiddo this seemed to not be her “thing”. She got tired and just threw the lettuce over the rail, hitting poor momma giraffe on the head with it. We exited and continued our way through the rest of the zoo. Having an overall exhausting but enjoyable day.

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